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Sun Chemical & Stationery Suppliers
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Business Type : Wholesaler/Distributor / Supplier / Trading Company
Year Established 2010
Company Branches 1
Products Supplier, Trader and Distributor Eraser, chlorpyriphos, carpet shampoo, dichiorvos, pest control products, marble polish paste(floor ...
Product Showcase
Anant (100gms, 1Kg)
Anant (100gms, 1Kg)
Anant Technical name is Thiamithoxam 25% WG, it is available for 100gms and 1kg. popular product some of the world’s best crop protection molecules to India through our range of products.
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Reeva 5
Reeva 5
Reeva 2.5E is a 2.5% EC formulation of Lambda cyhalothrin. Reeva 2.5 is a new generation synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Reeva 2.5 is available in 1lit and 5lit. packs.
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Manik (100gms, 250gms)
Manik (100gms, 250gms)
Manik is a 20% Soluble Powder formulation of Acetamiprid. It is a highly effective systemic Insecticide. Available in 100gm Tri-laminate pouches. It is an Insecticide belonging to the modern Neonicotinoid ......
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Termex (250ml, 1ltr)
Termex (250ml, 1ltr)
It is a new generation Termiticide that contains Imidaclorpid 30.5% SC. It is a systemic insecticide for control of termites in buildings, which can be, used both for pre and post construction treatment ......
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Contact Details
Address : No:37/24, Taylors Estate, 2nd Street, Kodambakkam,
Chennai - 600024, Tamil Nadu , India
Contact Person : Mr Murali (Proprietor)
Phone : 91-44-45583366
Mobile : +919094022444, +919841278212, +919940222040
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