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Welcome to Help & FAQs. This section aims at assisting visitors with information on the portal, its features, benefits to suppliers and buyers and how to use the services offered. You can choose from the sections mentioned below to get the desired information.

Should you need to get in touch with a customer assistance executive, please click here to send your request.

How can I send an inquiry to a supplier?
When you are browsing through the sub-categories of a particular category, you will find a list of suppliers with their names, products they deal and address. Below this information, you will find a "Send Inquiry" button. Click on this button and the inquiry form will open. Fill in the details and send your inquiry.

What do I do if I have to send inquiries to many suppliers in the same category?
If you want to send inquiry to many companies click on the "Contact All Companies."

Why can't I see the emails of the suppliers?
We do not display our members' email addresses to reduce the risk of members' receiving unwanted messages. You can send your message by clicking on the "Send Inquiry" button and the message will be sent.

Do I need to register to browse and send inquiries to suppliers?
No, you don't need to register to browse and send inquiries to suppliers listed in However while sending inquiries you need to give your name, valid email address and company details.

Do I need to be a member of How much does it cost?
To browse and send inquiries to the suppliers listed in you do not need to be registered. Sending inquiries to any supplier is absolutely FREE.

I'm a supplier. How can I list my company and my products in
If you are a supplier, fill the form by clicking on the "List My Company" button from the homepage. Our executive will get in touch with you.

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